Success is always the result of teamwork!
The satisfied workforce is the cornerstone of our company’s stability.

The Adapt Kft. was founded in 2004. Its main field of activity is labor services including labor hire, labor placement and full-scale rehabilitation services.

In recent years, our company has specialized in skilled workers, including specialists with factory experience. We serve the needs of our partners by efficiently recruiting and retaining both Hungarian and foreign workers throughout the country.

If you are looking for so-called white-collar workers, we can also help you.

We offe new, flexible and constructive solutions both in terms of hiring and placement, bearing in mind the current malleable situation of the market.

As a qualified employer, we have also started recruiting workers from the Philippines, Vietnam, and other third countries ecognizing that there is a great demand for motivated, reliable, and hard-working people in Hungary. These workers arrive in our country on a very short notice, for a fixed term of 2 years, under simplified procedure.

Thanks to our dynamic development, we have opened our offices in Kecskemét and Debrecen.

Why it is worth choosing us?

Satisfied employees and partners are the key to our success

  • We are a family-friendly workplace..
  • We will send you an offer within a day.
  • Our Sales Team and Project Managers are constantly ready for new challenges.
  • We adapt our recruitment campaigns to the partner’s needs. We always provide correct, relevant and real information in our advertisements.
  • We work with recruiters with several years of experience (from Hungary, Ukraine, the Philippines, Vietnam and other third countries).
  • We participate in the selection process, we carry out pre-screening according to the partner’s needs.
  • We have our visa officers.
  • We have our own employment and payroll team.
  • We can provide legal advice within 24 hours.
  • We can provide accommodation for the employees.
  • We can provide access for employees through our partner company’s fleet of minibuses up to 52-seater buses.
  • We keep in constant contact with all of our temporary workers.
  • We assist our Partners in the training process, we are always available.
  • We are constantly training ourselves.
  • We are open to change.
  • We are flexible. You can reach us even outside working hours.
  • We do not know what is impossible.