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About us

Adapt Ltd. offers a complex and customised man power market solution more than 15 years. Number of hiring out workers is almost 600.

Our service portfolio consists of the following main scope of activities:

  • Hiring out and placement of workers
  • Hiring out of White collar and blue collar workers
  • Selection and rectruitment of reduced capacity employees
  • Labour market consultancy

Our company is 100% Hungarian owned enterprise.
Our company has ISO9001 certificate.
Our aim is that the job seeker finds the most suitable job because the satisfied employee makes the company effective.

We expanded our foreign labour rental and recruitment in 2022.

Adapt Ltd. as qualified employees can hire employees from third country. We can ensure Nepalian, Philippine and Indian workforce with full administration to our Partners.
The intercultural communication and integration process is mainly in English and in our selection process we use videos in English.
Based on our experience the most of Nepalians speak English and they have extremely committed work engagement. With their diligent attitude they learn easily and quickly and they are able to work responsibly.
Employees from Far East can be easily integrated to Hungarian production companies because they require management and control but they are cable of productive and long-term work.
We at Adapt always adapt the recruitment process to our Partner’s needs, contact us.
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