Does every company need corporate identity? ( And how can employment agencies help with that?)

The lack of workforce affects every company from constructional industry to people working in development. There are relatively few skilled workers and many of them make the most of their knowledge in a foreign country , since a few hundred kilometres away they earn significantly more.

When a company is unable to find workforce even if they offer more money or better conditions can threaten their competitiveness , success or even their operation.

One thing you can do as an employer is paying attention what image you form of the company.

And the best candidates can be lost even before you had the chance to have a talk with them all because you hadn’t been paying attention what people talk and think about the company and how the company itself communicates.

Most of the firms have no clue about their corporate identity and employer branding.

In this article we provide help not just with branding even as a small business ( with a selection of the tasks , outsourcing a part of it) but we have a word about who needs a higher-level branding and who needs a simple( for now) one.

Loosing candidates even before the interview

This part is about the employer branding. The company’s communication plays a huge role in creating it. Even no communication can influence it.

What conclusions can be drawn after not finding a webpage or seeing that it is from the 1990s? It is not too dependable, is it? Someone can assume that the company doesn’t want to be present on the internet or have something to hide.

It is just as important on social media to have a page, a platform where the most important pieces of informations can be found and the company can be reached. Because the employer are present on social media.

Employees communicate with each other , look for jobs in groups and exchange information about previous workplaces and employers.

In other words, they form an image of companies without them having an influence on it.

On a job interview, candidates have to be careful with information they share about themselves and not to give out false information. If that happens the truth will be revealed.

This can also happen with companies and they have to be very careful with it. On social media platforms and also anonymously , people can share their experiences about a company. And they like to share it especially when talking about negative ones.

Disappointed employees will soon look for a new job and  translate their grievances into words. This can make finding qulified workforce more difficult for the particular company.

The importance of communication

Candidate experience nowadays is a matter, every company , even the smallest ones have to pay attention to.

It is recommended to keep contact with candidates in person. This is obviously more time consuming so companies can outsource this part.

A few years ago it was common to send the candidates an automatic letter, or to not send anything when they are not selected for the job.

But this habit won’t form a good image of the company.

A company not being in time when sending these letters can cause them trouble. Potentially suitable, valuable employees would assume that the company is not interested and they will look for another job. In this way , the company could go without valuable, qualified professionals.

It is usual though that there are hundreds of candidates and the person doing the recruitment at the firm has other tasks to do and isn’t able to respond quickly and in many cases can’t be expected to respond to every candidates. Particularly if the firm only uses human workforce to do it.

Automatization can help to make a positive impression. A nicely-written respond letter ensures the candidates that the company have got their CV and saves time before a personal appointment. Even the rejection letter can be automatized, the point is to inform the candidates.

Don’t neglect social media

Another field , which is not preferred by companies (except a few) although it only takes one or two hours per week to maintain it is social media.

It is not enough to create a page for the company it needs to be maintained. A few posts per week are a good way to communicate and share information. ( Also, it is the cheapest way to advertise job offers.)

Automatization can provide a solution regarding social media posts. There are various online services that help managing the timing of the posts on three-four platforms, weeks in advance. In many cases it is a basic function (e.g.: Facebbok) so there is nothing else to do than write the posts at the beginning of the week and time them.

Set notifications on these to be able to answer as soon as possible. Without this setting it will show and people are going to assume that the firm neglects communication via social media.

What to post? It’s an easy question. Share moments about the everyday work, postitive messages about collegues or tell strories that have happened( without speaking negatively about a costumer/partner). This will show a positive and personal image of the firm.

It can be an exellent base to write about employees’ successes. About people who have found their dream job , reached personal goals and improved their skills at the firm. And still works there.

Obviously, realness is key on social media. Speaking of either stories or pictures all has to be real.

How should the webpage look like?

Altouhg a webpage that looks modern can be done by using the adequate services for a few thousand forints. There are several easy, online, drag&drop based webpage builders you can choose from.

However, it is better to develop a webpage than to create a ’mainstream webpage’ fro a given model. But if there is no time, budget or skilled people at the company to put it itno practical it is better than nothing and the mentioned examples.

It is recommended to feature the collegues who keep cpntact with the costumers on the webpage with their faces, contact information and a small introduction. If you only strive for the minimum , it is just enough for the applicants because they won’t find a ghost company online.

Is it truly important or just “marketingbullshit”?

A product might be the best but if a bad message or feeling comes with it it won’t be bought. ( Various catastrophic, misunderstood marketing campaigns are an evidence for it.)

Your company is just like any of the products you provide, sell or produce. It has an identity, brand and to make it successful you’ll need employees who are not just working with joy but first apply to the job offers.

It is not enough that there are many applicants. The more they are qualified and experienced the easier to find a job because of the lack of workforce.

So building corporate identity is essential. In every industry there are companies who have already started this process and those who haven’t ,are left behind.

However, employer branding is not something that even the small companies have to deal with. In those smaller firms it is enough to pay attention to the above mentioned advices . There is no need to start komplex programs which are later require a full marketing group.

Employment agencies can help too!

If the recruitment can’t be carried out by someone at the company, an employment agency can be helpful. Just like the automatization helps with the work on social media platforms.

In this case , the recruitment not just more efficient but cheaper and faster. Plus it can set valuable workforce free who can deal with the corporate identity or other tasks instead.

In this way , collegues don’t have to deal with job advertisments, meeting the applicants, communication and with the most time consuming task: sorting.

How is it related to communication and corporate identity? The company will have more time for these while the employment ageny helps with communication. Experienced professionals write the advertisements, answer to the applicants in one words they lift the burden from the workers.

The only remaining task of the company is to make a good impression during the job interviews. But the biggest part of providing the candidate experience can be outsourced.

To this there has to be great communication between the two company. You have to collate about the communication you expect from the agency to be true to the company’s identity. For this reason it is recommended to choose an agency that is provided with professional employees.

Some things that can wait…

You don’t have to immediately think of complex marketing campaigns. Starting the content creation, dealing or organizing with charity actions and building a stable brand can all wait .

However, the foundations have to be laid and provide good communication online, offline, in person and in letter.

The most important element besides communication is what you promise and give to the employee.This has an important role when the job advertisements are written. In many cases it is enough to promise a high salary but if employees have to work with bad work conditions, you’ll realize that in some positions the employees are changed frequently.

You should also pay attention to the feedback you hear in public about the company to make the firm better based on the heard information.

Paying attention to the appearance of the company on social media, on workplace-rating pages or even with a search on the internet you can be updated about state of  the company’s corporate identity. And you can also find solution if there is a problem with it.

If you act up , you can’t continue that for too long. A dishonest company can fail just like a dishonest applicant.

What is the conclusion?

Start-ups and companies with few employees don’t have to start a strategic production.

As an employeer, who employ people for easier jobs, it is enough to pay attention to communication. And the others can wait until the company starts to grow or there is budget for a person to deal with marketing.

In case you don’t adopt the above written advices , there is a good chance that you won’t get to this point, since professionals who could help reach business goals would land at the competition, who pays more attention to communication.

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