The success is a common process

For employers

„Always work for a future,
not for a momentary success”

At Adapt Ltd. we make an effort to our Client finds the loyal employee who is the most suitable for the postion and who is to tend to the success of the entreprise in long term.

Our skillfull collegues are always working on rectruitment with maximum circumspection taking into consideration our Partners’ requests.

Our company during the lending period:

  • make Labour Contract
  • do the full administratation related to the obligations of employee
  • take care of the employee’s clinical aptitude test

We hope that You will be one of our Partners soon

In 2022 on a new way

Why is it good for us to employ third country workers?

The question is arising how employee from third country is different?

Recruiting the suitable employee is one of the biggest challenge in every company. Recruiting the right employees is one of the biggest challenges for any company. Moreover it is not enough if the desired number of employees is reached, the emigration is continuous almost all companies. There are many reasons for this, including oversupply.

Based on our experience the employee has more opportunities, considering their own interest, be it material or comfort one. Hungarian workforce without skill usually prioritizes the financial well-being, so as they have a more favorable opportunity they will move on. This is the most important difference between the Hungarian and the third country workforce. The future foreign employees are more motivated and their attitude is better to be the loyal and stabile part of the company where they work. Furthermore an important aspect is that they can be employed in different areas. The Indian employees are good in production because the monotony is well-known by them. They have international experience and speak in English, so they can be employed in catering and agricultural fields, too. The Philippine workforce is good in construction, their quality work is well known in carpentry, blacksmith, bricklayer, welding and electrician professions. They are patient and clever and fit perfectly in the textile industry and sewing room. They are ideal employees in catering due to their respectful and loyal qualities.

Nepal is mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry, therefore Asians are excellent workers in this sector. They are persistent and hardworking employees and they are good in catering and construction industry. They are calm and they can be employed in a relaxation center, too. Why is a third country labour good? They always plan for long term, for at least 2 years and do everything to make the employer satisfied and successful