Job seeking in winter: lost cause or opportunity?

Christmas has passed but the biting cold is still here. In the new year, many start to look for a new job with renewed vigor but most people have to face failure. But those who don’t give up at that point, will be successful in the end.

I have 83,000 reasons to convince you

That is because according to the newest surveys of KHS, the number of unfilled jobs rose by this number in comparison with 2017. This data is a nightmare for employers but provides nearly unlimited opportunities for job seekers.Constructional industry, hospitality,commerce and processing industry- these are only four segments where employers would welcome qualified and dedicated potential employees with open arms.

With open arms in case applicants would still show interest in the particular job by sending CVs in December.

Don’t give up, instead , use others lazyness for your advantage , come before the competitors with being more prepared, deliberate and you won’t be left without reward.

Recruitments in winter- fact not a belief

It is a mistake to assume that people in HR department are let their leg swing during winter.A survey ,that was made a few years ago states that in the UK there are 700,000 job offers announced by employers and employing agencies between October and December, while 681,000 between July and September, which is 2.8% less .

In our country there isn’t a significant difference between the winter and summer months but this survey still puts things in perspective.

This might be because people working in human resource field ,want to reach the yearly quote so badly they become generous with the budget fot job advertisements.

Besides, to fill in strategically important, leading positions most company are looking for employees during autumn and winter.

These positions are finally filled in in January because of the slower selection process int he end of the year.

Christmas, a change

Almost everyone is familiar with that feeling, which takes over people usually at the end of the year ,to make life-changing resolutions and believe that they will keep it throughout the whole year.

In many cases these are not just a resolution to do away with addiction or to call grandmothers more often, but to change career.

But there are quite few, where new jobs are created during the formation of next year’s strategy.

In one word, this December-February time comes with changes from the employers’ point of view,which can be convenient for vigilant job seekers.

There are opportunities in case you know what you are looking for

There is no need to put emphasis on the importance of making thoughtful decisions.It is key to know what to expect about job offers and what fits to your qualifications.

Besides the above mentioned leading positions ,there are many less specific jobs.

Austria has been the depot of hungarian workforce for a long time. Scores of people work there in building industry and hospitaliy.In winter there is a rush at ski paradises, bookings are made every minute, so it is common to employ people in last minute.

The rate of wages depends on region, just like the choice of a luxurious hotel or a familiar pension.

The wages of the above mentioned positions are around  net 1300-1500 euro. This does not include fringe benefits, like free accomodation, cafeteria, overtime wage and in case of a ski resort it is not rare to get a ski card too.

This all sounds good, but what if you don’t or hardly speak any languages?

There is no need to be worried in this case. There are jobs like being a maid, washig dishes and cleaning that can be done with zero language skills.

As for these positions , the net wages are around 700-1100 euro.

When the phone does not ring and the inbox is empty

You had sent your CV to many places and got confirmation e-mails or even some form of tests to prove that you are the ideal applicant.

But since then, ’….it’s winter now and death and snow and stillness’  as Mihály Vörösmarty wrote.

He probably didn’t mean the calvary of job seeking by this dramatic sentence but a slight similarity can be found between this and the job seekere’s mental state in winter.

As we previously mentioned , people on HR do work during this time buti n the christmas rush they are not likely to call you in for an interview. At the beginning of the year the selection process can take up to a few weeks or even a month.

They pre select, go through all applicants, read the tests you have sent back and compare it with other’s, divide , multiply and include.

Once they are done with this all, they keep the relevant CVs( which hopefully includes yours) and start to call applicants in for interviews around January-February.

So don’t be distressed if the phone doesn’t ring on Christmas eve or you don’t receive any e-mails during the New Years eve party in which the representative of the company begs you to work for them because they don’t want anybody else.

Don’t get outsmarted : the pitfalls of the labour market

It is not a newly-fashioned situiation when at the end of a seemingly succesful interview a delicate topic comes up. Questions about wages, how does reportation go, the exact tasks you’ll have to do, what about holidays , not to mention fringe benefits.

As an active job seeker, you are the one who starts to shake and sweat when this topic comes up and the extent of this is straight proportional to the time spent unemployed.

No matter how much a company needs workforce, apllicants are in the vulnerable position.

According to the newest surveys of the Ministry of Finance, from 41,000 supervised employees, it was 21,010 who had some kind of labour foul.

These were obviously financially demanding. 1500 enterprise paid nearly 215 m forints of fine.

Although, comparing to the first half of 2017, a progress was made in the number of people working in the black market but sadly if you look at statistics from 2011 to today , this year’s first half is the second worst.

Surveys, done by labour office in agricultural, hospitality, commercial, safeguarding, processing industrial and constructional spheres states that except in hospitality, the number of people working int he black market has recuded.

But as for the whole country, still building industry is the most vulnerable. The rate of black employment only got better in the aspect of industry control, the number of unregistered workers increased from 32% to 35%.

Just to compare, this percent is 14% in safeguarding, 13% in hospitality and 10% in commercial industry.

Sad to look at these numbers but also a warning sign to always be cautious and careful.

People working unregistered are not insured in case they need medical care and won’t be guaranteed to get their overtime wage.

It is easy to get an illegal , unregistered job you take a bigger risk and can loose more in case of an unexpected situation.

Employee qualities in the aspect of generation characteristics

X generation makes up the most part of the active labour market.

But before we talk about this age group’s advantages let’s do a quick overview.

’Baby Boomers’ as they are called in American literature, are people born int he 1940-1960s. They are the retired generation , but who might go back ( and according to suveys they do) to the labour market.

In Hungarain we mention them as ’Ratkó-gyerekek’ because of the historical reference. Technical developments are no newness for them , since they’ve learnt a lot from their children and grandchildren. But they are not suitable for web developing positions.

Seeing through and solving global and komplex situations is not neccessary their strenght. They are more likely to solve smaller subtasks especially when they can make good use of their experience( we talk about decades of work experience) .

The most active ’crew’

As we already mentioned, on the labour market you can mostly find the members of the X generation, the people born between 1960 and 1985.

They are also referred to as ’digitam emmigrants’ because of their date of birth they got into the world of technical inventions and learned to operate them. Buti t is not like for them to have bigger knowledge on them than user level.

The strenghts of them are loyalty and discipline. In case a workplace is confortable for them and they feel valued they don’t need any change. This generation has significantly more patience than the others and concentrate on their task very well.

They don’t get bothered by the hierarchy inside the company and don’t mind beeing supervised.

Financial safety is vital of importance for them, but because of the comminment for thier workplace they can miss out positions with higher wages. Usually , they do their job in a regular rythm , according to ingrained processes. They don’t need further specializations ot trainings.

The X generation has to work on thier language skills beacause most of them learnt russian but nowadaysalmost every position requres english language skills.

Today’s youth

They are the Y generation, people born between 1985 and 1999( it doesn’t make sense, does it? :D). They were born into digitalization not like the Z generation( people born after 2000) but the use of the devices runs in their blood and are not afraid of changes.

Speaking of changes, the y generation is thirsty for improvement, it is important for them to go to different trainings and get new skills and to see where they can get on the career ladder.

They are more restless and less loyal than the X generation. If they don’t fully contended with their job or not getting along with the morals of the firm, they will leave it.

They look for a job more knowingly, they aren’t driven by money, more of the phylosophy of a firm.

They apply for positions with lower wages if they see potential in it and the possibility of getting upper on the ladder.

This is how X and Y generations look for job in winter

Summing up the above mentioned, we can say that X generation won’t be looking around for too much, they are likely to say yes for the first offer in case it provides them financial safety. But they have the chance to miss a good opportunity.

Although, Y generation apply watchfully , in case they can’t identify with the company’s morals they simple won’t accept any offer. In this way they will stay unemployed for even longer.

Both generations have to learn from each other.

So the point is…

Don’t give up the searching amdon’t give and break to it in winter. From 83,000 offers, with a conscious and clever decision there is no way that you won’t find a suitable job.

Watch out for the seasonal jobs , in the country as well a sin foreign countries. With active language skills it is possible to find the suitable position in e.g.: Austria.

Regardless of generation you should know your needs and strenghts.

Be able to present it in an organized CV. Presentation is important but don’t lie in it. It is impressive to have a C1 komplex language exam in Chineese but the truth is revealed sooner than you would think.

Especially if it is unveiled after you got the job, it can create awkward situations.

While sending CVs and motiovation letters , try to select the irrelevant advertisements.

Get sign on the employment agencies’ newsletters, be updated and come before the competition.

Social media can helpfull too. Whatch out for the relevant advertisements. Nowadays there are various job seeking applications too and the phone is always near you so you can always be updated.

Remember that the companies or people at HR haven’t forgot about your application in December, it just takes more time for them to process the data. You most like to get confirmation in January.

Don’t accept a job offer with unbenefitial or illegal conditions just because they offer a good sum of money. There have been strict labour inspections and these are likely to become even stricter. Don’t be one of those comapny’s employees who were fined for millions because of the unregistered workers.

Be extremely careful with building industry and hospitality!

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