The key of a successful interview: get prepared for everything

On a job interview we can feel like we were being tested. Our qualification, knowledge and professional background. But there is lot more to it. On a personal interview it is obvious that the role of a personal impression (personality and acts) is huge.

When our employment is at stake even one word can be crucial.

The moment of stepping in

Before we even say a word it is important to pay attention to our bodylanguage.

This is the very first impression so firmness is crucial. Well-articulated words, firm ( but not too firm) handshake, greeting everyone are key. This all sounds obvious, but in a stressful situation everyone can make mistakes that they normally would not.

Take time for dressing up and for your general appearence. Dowdy appearence, neglected stubble shows lazyness and negligence which can couse disadvantageous situation.

Preparations should be done before all of the above about the company. Looking up their webpage and reading all pieces of information about the job can be helpful. Or even taking a look at their LinkedIn page can result in finding the person who is going to be the interviewer.

The discussion

If feeling like you are being tested during the interview tells that you are on the wrong path. It is better when the communication is two-way and the candidate does not tell a pre-learned text about one’s strenght, in what one talented and so on.

The best way to tell these is to connect them to personal experiences, going in details of previous tasks, challenges and how you have solved these. These pieces of information help the interviewer to get to know you better than a few wooden words and make them imagine how would you fulfill the given job.

If you could not aswer one or two questions or weren’t sure about them don’t panic! During a job interview they are curious how candidates react to some of these situations and how you manage stressful situations. When you couldn’t answer a question immediately don’t panic because your chances to be employed can decrease.

Don’t ever tell someting that doesn’t meet the reality. If you did it will be revealed when working at the company or if they ask your previous employers.

Ask clever

The conversation is th ebest when it is a real conversation. This means that the candidate asks questions as well as the interviewer.

It does no good to ask about the salary int he beggining. The interviewer will surely come up with it , just wait for it. Otherwise you’ll seem like you are only interested int he money not the actual job.

Instead, ask things that are important to you and tells that you are interested in the job. For instance, ask about the workspace , the task you’ll have to complete or how is the company different than others on the field.

Not the speak about

Of cours there are topics you should avoid.

The most important is to not speak about the previous employer negatively. Even if you had negative experience there. Instead, tell that the circumstances weren’t favourable anymore.

With this you can tell that as an employee you have paricular needs. If a company can’t satisfy these needs you don’t have anything to do with them because that way you would be facing just the same problems as you were at the previous company.

Ont he other hand you won’t make the interviewer feel like that you could be talking about them the same way int he future.

How to talk about weaknesses?

A basics question that can come up during every job interview is ’ your weaknesses’. About strenghts without exception everyone can talk( even if it not int he best way, see above). But being aware of your weaknesses and describing them tells a lot about the you.

Not being qualified for every aspects of the job should not cause embarassement. It can’t be changed and if you told that you can do it without a problem it can lead to an embarassing situation on your first day.

Instead, you can admit that you don’t have much experience in it but you are already or willing to learn it. You can come up with similar situation from the past e.g.: how you got skilled in something else at your previous workplace.

The above told ensures the firm that you are motivated, someone who is not driven by money but the will to develop yourself to be a better workforce, which is an advantage for every employer.

Keep off the pre-learned sentences

In one hand , there are several pages where tipical questions of a job interview are found even with questions. But the best is to answer these using your own words and thoughts.

The interviewer can know more about you from your own answers. It adds a plus to your reputation when all the other people have anwered with the same words.

Phrasing is important too. It can be advantageous to use sophisticated words but be careful to not make it sound pre-learned and use them correctly because it can make the conversation awkward.

Be straightforward

As we mentioned, personal experiences can be effective but pay attention to keep the context, to not speak too much and not try to tell your whole life.

On one hand , you can say something that does not make the wished positive effect. During a spontaneous talk it is easier to say something completely irrelevant. Pay attention to pen precisely and only tell relevant information.

It only shows that you won’t get balled up and that ont he given field you have enough knowledge to know if it’s a trap. Then they will know a part of the knowledge what makes you a valuable workforce.

Be prepared

Being properly prepared has two benefits.

Firstly, all the requrements about qualifications, degrees, professional knowledge will be clear. So it is easier to prepare the anwers about strenhgts,weaknesses and there is no need to improvise.

When you know more about the company ,it shows that you are interested int he position and excited to work there. Excitement is valued ( when it is not too much or fake) because it tells the firm that you are going to be effective and productive workforce.

Secondly, it will be clear to you to what firm you have applied , what are the conditions and the task going to be. And int he view all of these what is the ideal offer.

This research can be easily done. Look the firm up on the internet and read afew reviews about it. In this way you will know whether to aplly or not.

Besides this, social media check is important too. The company’s presence and page on social media tells a lot about them. It might give a little insight of the daily work at them.

In job-seeking goups you can ask the members if anyone have had experience regarding the particular company while working there or being there for an interview.

After all of the above, you’ll be aware of many things when going to the interview and this is half a success.

Imagine yourself on the other side

It is useful to imagine how this all goes down from the view of the interviewer. Possibly , you are the tenth candidate on that day  the interviewer askes the same questions and gets similar answers.

That’s why you should stand out somewhat. Of course not too much. Not with being too loud or making backslapping jokes. Acting confident, being kind and keeping eye contact and answering honestly makes you one of the bests.

Think about the key characteristic that is important to this position and if you have it don’t hide it.

How do you know if the interview have been successful?

If it went down in a good mood, smoothly, with questins and answers and without longer breaks it is a good sign. You were able to create a real conversation , with a good chance you weren’t stuck anywhere or you were able to manage the situation.

If the conversation hasn’t been too short , it can be taken as good sign. Companies like to get to know the employees better in case they are thinking about employing them. A longer conversation shows that they think that it worth to take the time to talk with you.

Of course what a long conversation is, is  subjective. In some cases while we know that many other people with the same qualifications are waiting outside , even that can be encouraging when the interview takes more than a few minutes .

Intonation can be revealing as well. If it was personal, not official can mean that you are sympathic to the interviewer.

Bodylanguage tells a lot too. A smile, eyecontact and open posture mean that they feel confortable with you.

Going back to the conversations with conventional questions and asnwers. When they ask you about a particular situation and that how would you solve it is a good sign. It means that they are curious how could you fulfill the position if they gave it to you.

After the interview

It is a popular habit , mainly in foreign countries though that the candidates report back after an interview with a simple thank-you note.

While writing this note, you should pay attention to the composition and timing.

In one hand, if you immediately send it you will seem desperate.

Make the intonation moderate. It’s not recommended to be too personal but don’t be write effusively about how nice would it be to work together.

If you haven’t got a letter after a few days or a week it’s admissible to politely inquire via e-mail or phone. Even if the position is already filled it’s better to know than living in uncertainty.

Summary of the perfect interview

The success of the interview mostly depends on approach, which will be obvious to the firm. Someone who truly wants a job puts serious effort int he preparations ( does research ont he firm, chooses the perfect outfit, arrives on time and relaxed) and makes the most to show the positive personality traits.

If none of the above mentioned is done you’ll feel unprepared and hopeless about the situation. This will be obvious to the interviewer and decrease your chance to be employed.

A company however needs someone who is good at his/ her job, works with excitement, able to improve and not just waiting for the shift to be over.

If you are aware of all of this prior to the interview you can be the one from hundreds of people  making a serious impact on the interviewer and leave them with a positive feeling they don’t have to search any longer for th ebest employee.

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